Get Funding

Grants, Foundations, Sponsorships, & Collaboration

 Many sites have obtained funding for the Zeedle through grants, foundations and sponsorship. The space on the kiosk can be utilized to thank the sponsors for their contribution. Other sites collaborate with their Town Hall to determine funding and the best placement for a Zeedle, as it can save the town thousands of dollars a year. We would be glad to answer any questions you have about funding opportunities. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to tell us the best time to give you a call! 

Tell the Public

In order to get your message of safe needle and/or medication disposal out to your community, we've created a series of images for sharing on social media as well as fliers and brochures aimed at both children and adults. With the purchase of a kiosk, all of this is yours FREE.

Booket for Children & Young Adults

How to Be Smart About Sharps

 This downloadable booklet explains to children what sharps are and how they are used. It explains what they should do if they find a needle, and how they should handle and dispose of needles if they use them at home.

Flyer for Adults

How to Properly & Safely Dispose of Sharps: In a Zeedle

This downloadble flyer explains what an exceptable sharps container is, how to operate and find a Zeedle, what to do if they find a needle, and why it's important to dispose of needles properly.

Images for Social Media

Thought-Provoking Social Media Image Series

This series of ten images was designed to help spread your message of safe and proper needle disposal. Meant to provoke the reader to follow through to your content, learning more about your campaign and efforts. Each image touches on a different reason why a community member might be concerned about needle disposal to reach the widest array of followers.

Meet Ziggly & Zed

 Ziggly & Zed are characters created to relay to children the importance of needle and medication safety. FREE Ziggly and/or Zed flyer downloads with the purchase of a kiosk.

"Hi! My name is Ziggly, and I’m here to teach you about being safe around needles, which can also be called syringes. Some people have to take their medications by injecting it right into their bodies with a needle. It is very important to always throw your needles away in the safest possible way. When needles are flushed down the toilet or thrown by themselves into the trash they can cause problems and someone could even get a needle stick. A needle can carry diseases and bacteria that can make a person or an animal very sick. This is why you must always throw needles away properly in a sharps container or puncture resistant bottle like a bleach bottle or a tape-sealed coffee can. Then always throw your container in a Zeedle. That way you will be sure to keep children, adults, and animals safe and no one will “catch a bug.” "

"Hi. My name is Zed, and I’m here to tell you how to be safe with medications. Did you know that you should never take a presciption that was made for somebody else, or the wrong dosage? You can become very ill from taking a medicine that was not made for you. When you no longer need your medication, be sure to throw them away safely. If your city or town has a disposal site or Zeedle, that’s where they should always be taken. Not all towns have a site, so be sure to check your town’s guidelines. Some medications will have disposal options on their labels. If they don’t, a safe option is to crush your medications and add them to coffee grounds or kitty litter."

Don't Take Our Word For It!

"Since 01 July 2012, it has been illegal to dispose of sharps and syringes in Massachusetts in household trash. This shift in bio-hazardous waste in the Commonwealth led to the MA Department of Health to institute disposal kiosks across the State. As part of this program the MDPH contracted with Chrysalis to install secure disposal kiosks across the State. The Kiosks are convenient, safe and allow the public to bring sharps in rigid plastic containers to be disposed of properly, reducing the risk of transmission of infectious diseases. SSTAR has participated in this program since its inception. The kiosk allows for information on access to drug treatment and other health services at the time individuals bring their sharps for disposal. Chrysalis has monitored the disposal and managed this initiative in a very professional and competent manner."





"Mayor Zanni and the Methuen Police Dept. have been very pleased with our participation in the syringe collection program. The response from our residents has been one of great gratitude with many commenting how convenient it is to have access to the collection kiosk. We look forward to continuing to participate in the program. "  

Lt. Kevin Mahoney




"Chrysalis Environmental Services has been managing Manet Community Health Center's syringe disposal kiosk for several years. We have found them extremely responsive and reliable. Having this kiosk in our health center has been a huge benefit to our community. It is well utilized by both our patients and community members. The kiosk provides an easy access and safe place to dispose of syringes." 




"The Somerville Police Department has utilized the kiosk for several years, with great success. The kiosk is located in the lobby of Somerville Police Headquarters and is accessible to the public 24 hours a day/seven days a week. We have found that by providing a kiosk to the public, it has allowed residents an opportunity to properly dispose of their needles. We have also seen a reduction in calls for needles found in the street as a result of torn trash bags, or people not properly disposing of their needles. The kiosk is another example of the police, public health department, and the City working together to address a serious public health concern."  

Respectfully, Captain Cabral  




"Intially I was concerned about the response that having a kiosk would bring from Administration, but they were rather quiet. So the kiosk was installed and needle boxes were supplied. The first thing that happened was diabetics heard about it and brought in their waste from injecting insulin. We kept it low profile but it is near the entrance to the clinic and there are needle boxes to take to fill and return; people know the purpose. Steadily we have seen not only do we have intravenous drug users bring in their syringes but the collection site has become more of a community collection site as it is one of three or four places for the whole city that people can drop off syringes. It self maintains at this point, needle boxes are always there and either people ask where to drop them off or they know and just go about their business."




FREE Website Listing

Zeedle Locations in Your Area FREE Webpage Creation

 This webpage on can be found with an easy to use zip code locator. It explains what a Zeedle is and then lists all of your available Zeedle locations, including address, phone number, hours, and website. The photograph of your kiosk is customizable. A Google Maps locator can be used to GPS your location.

Customization Options

There are many options for customizing the artwork on your kiosk, and we will work closely with you to accommodate any upgrades you would like to make to best fit your community and spread your message. 

Order 2+ Kiosks & Receive $175 Off

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Municipalities in the United States lose $850,000,000 a year due to needlestick injuries alone. That's only a fraction of the cost of shutting down recycling lines, collecting needles off the streets, and the pollution to the environment that loose sharps cause. How much would your community save if there were fewer improperly disposed of needles in your town? We, as consumers, are responsible for the pharmaceutical products that wind up in our environments. How much is keeping your community safe worth to you? 

One Electronic Model Needle or Medication Kiosk with basic artwork: $2,925 (plus shipping) 

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Just imagine how much safer your community would be without the hazard and pollution of loose needles.

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